Beautiful Islands


The visitor that will wander around the city of Corfu, the suburbs, the communities and the greater area of the Municipality of Corfu, will have the chance to discover the 'dowry' that nature and man gave to Corfu. The 'Old City' recalls past ages; the European influences are visible everywhere and harmoniously coexist, giving to the city a special colour.

There are no mosques and minarets in Corfu. No stamp of Asiatic occupation can be found on the island. Here that Europe meets Greece and the nature ungrudgingly spread hundreds the shades of green and blue, the Corfiot Civilization developed with significant particularities that make him stand apart.

Maybe, in the high summer, the narrow streets of the city, named cantunia, are crowded, but for the visitor there is always a quiet place in the narrow alleys or under the shaded squares to enjoy a chilled ginger beer.

The Corfiot housewives suspend their laundry over the streets and underneath, lost in the labyrinth of the alleys, the visitor discovers the workshops of silversmiths and woodcarvers. Some parts of the city and the greater area of the Municipality of Corfu are modern, but everywhere Venetian, French and British traces can be found to remind us that the Turks never conquered Corfu.

Palaces, fortresses, museums, libraries, galleries, churches, interesting public buildings and privet mansions, public, privet and archaeological sites, sites of natural and special interest, traditional houses, verdurous olive groves, picturesque ports and blue beaches make an unexpected puzzle on the area of the Municipality of Corfu, that lives speechless even the most demanding visitor.

After the tour the visitor can taste the local cuisine in one of the many picturesque little-taverns of the city; he can buy, if he wants, a characteristic souvenir of the island, the shops stay open until late at night during the summer months. The tour may end with a visit at the famous bars and discotheques of Corfu, for an all-night carousal.